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Master the best language learning techniques with this powerful 14-day program

Speedy Lingo is an interactive course to guide you through the most efficient methods for language learning. Learn how to take action, improve your pronunciation and speak any language confidently in no time!

Going from app to app with no results?

Express yourself with confidence in any language

Let's face it. A lot of us have been guilty of using tons of different language apps, just to keep quitting and trying the next one, without ever finishing any! Well, I've been there and done that until I found my unique methods and formula that brought me to where I am today. Speaking 8 languages! The key is not to use a bunch of resources that do obviously not work for you. Sticking to one resource that will guide you through every step is the solution to keep you motivated and actually reach your language goals!
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What's in this course?

  • 2

    Course Materials

    • IPA - International Phonetical Alphabet

    • Vocabulary Template

    • 14-Day Language Journal

    • 14-day Activity Plan

  • 3

    Module 1 - Where to start (pre-phase)

  • 4

    Module 2 - Mindset to fluency

    • Motivation & Confidence

    • Set A Goal

    • Understanding language & culture

  • 5

    Module 3 - Study smart not hard!

    • Get the basics!

    • Tune in!

    • All day, every day! - Immersion

  • 6

    Module 4 - Speak up!

    • Speak up! - LERS Method

    • Make mistakes!

  • 7

    Module 5 - Bonuses

    • Pronunciation Masterclass

    • List Of My Favourite Foreign Youtubers For Language Learning

    • A List of My 5 Favorite Language Learning Apps

    • Language Learning with Songs - Resources

    • You're almost done!

    • Before you go...

This program is for you if ...

  • Pronunciation mastery

    You want to speak confidently with native speakers and perfect your pronunciation in any language. And if you, don't worry anymore when speaking to native speakers about what and how you are going to say things, but learn how to speak any language without fear and hesitation.

  • Study smart not hard

    Finding the right tools and methods for language learning with actual results to show up for can be pretty time, energy-consuming, and usually takes years. Language schools usually mainly teach you grammar but still fail to teach effective techniques to build that you can use for other languages.

  • Tailored routine

    Along with the classes, it is useful to have a tailored routine that will guarantee you get the results you want. And this is only possible if you know exactly what to do and get into a community of like-minded learners.

By the end of this course you will ...

  • be able to speak a new language confidently

  • know the exact steps and techniques to take to learn any other new language

  • know how to master your pronunciation in any language with strategic methods in any language

  • know the right resources to master any language

Bonus material

  • Language journal

    Use a daily guided language journal to keep on track with your progress.

  • Pronunciation masterclass

    Learn 10 strategic methods to improve your pronunciation with this bonus masterclass.

  • + additional bonus resources

    Learn with additional bonus resources and templates.

This course teaches the most effective polyglot secrets you never learn with apps and language schools.

Traditional language school do not teach you how to learn a language which is ultimately the problem. You don't learn the techniques of effective language learning. This is why you will have to continue looking for resources on your own which end up not resulting in any beneficial outcome, simply because you are not taught all the steps to successfully speak a language. When you start learning a new language you will have to go out your way and spend money again on new lessons. However, knowing right the techniques to teach yourself will spare you having to get one language lessons after another.


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